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We at Kids Habitat II want children to have an opportunity to discover the world around them in a safe, healthy, and nurturing atmosphere.
     Through interaction with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities the children will be encouraged to be actively involved in the learning process.

Our philosophy at the Kids Habitat II is to support parents in their need for safe, nurturing care of their children, we are committed to provide a program that enhances each child's development to its fullest potential.
     Our emphasis is placed, therefore, on a safe, healthy, and caring atmosphere created by a team of teachers knowledgeable through experience and education in the development of young children.

Kids Habitat II provides a planned curriculum based on the children's ages and level of development. The daily program allows children to explore and learn through play, social interaction and educational activities in both individual and group settings. Young children learn best by natural exploration of their environment and interaction with their teachers and other children