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Children's Learning Center

 Dear Parents,

Welcome to  Kids Habitat 4, Child Care Center. Click on the links to download all the relevant forms that are needed to enroll your child with us. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately at Contact Page. Once you download, please take a print of the application, fill the application and submit them.


                           You are required to return the following forms

1. Application Form
2. Emergency Form
3. Authorization for Emergency Treatment
4. Health Inventory
5. Parent Handbook Acknowledgment
6. Photograph Permission
7. Field Trip Permission Slip
9. Parent Handbook
10. Allergy Action Form
11. Asthma Action Form
12. Health and Nutrition Doc
13. Non-Vehicular Excursion Authorization


All forms must be completed on or before your child's first day of attendance.  We look forward to working with you to provide a safe, healthy, learning experience for your child.

13830 Castle Blvd Silver Spring, MD 20904
Kids Habitat 4 Contact / Email

Tel: (240) 293 - 6086 | Fax: (000) 000 - 0000 | kidshabitat4@gmail.com